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Social Media Consent Form

I hereby provide High Prairie Veterinary Services, Inc., permission to take photographs and videos of me and my pet for the purpose of posting on High Prairie Veterinary Service’s Facebook page, clinic website, and any other social media used by High Prairie Veterinary Service.

I hereby release and discharge High Prairie Veterinary Services, Inc., from any and all claims arising out of the use of the photos or videos.

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In signing this consent, I give the authorization to use my name and my pet’s name as printed below.

I understand that my consent is freely given and that there has been no promise of compensation, payment, goods or services to be provided for any such use and have no expectation to receive compensation, payment, goods, or services.

I understand that I may revoke consent at any time by providing written notice to High Prairie Veterinary Services, Inc. In such instances, High Prairie Veterinary Services, Inc. shall remove any such social media posts as soon as reasonably possible.

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