Equine Medicine & Surgery

We use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to care for your pet.

We are a full-service mixed animal veterinary clinic

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Preventative Care

It’s important to keep your horse on a proper vaccination and deworming schedule. From birth through adulthood, High Prairie Veterinary Services will create a vaccine schedule tailored specifically to your horse as a preventative measure.

Dental Care

Our veterinarians conduct comprehensive oral exams that include an evaluation of oral function, symmetry, and the alignment of incisors and molars. High Prairie veterinarians have completed extensive dentistry training, including the anatomy and physiology of the equine mouth, and have completed countless dental procedures of all types.

Lameness examinations

If your animal is having issues moving around or standing, we’ll be there to help determine the cause of the issue – trauma, congenital or acquired disorders, infection, metabolic disorders, or nervous and circulatory system disease.

Soft Tissue Surgery

High Prairie Veterinary Services provides outstanding surgical care for horses with a wide range of medical conditions. Our surgeons are highly skilled and trained in the best and latest technologies. Surgery is very stressful for you and your horse! It is our job to assure you that your horse is in good hands.

Joint injections

Joint injections are a treatment option for chronic pain and limited mobility. High Prairie Veterinary Services is happy to evaluate your horse and discuss possible treatments for him or her at their appointment.

We proudly serve the pets of Colstrip and beyond.

Our philosophy is to provide excellent customer service and first rate pet care. We strive to create a relaxing-friendly environment for you and your pet. Our clinic is comfortable, pet-friendly, and calm.